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This is a FREE Event and OPEN TO ALL!

Vancouver USA LGBTQ PRIDE EVENT - JULY 8th, 2017 10 am through 6 pm - Esther Short Park

VOLUNTEER: We look forward to hearing from you and your family to improve the events, give us ideas of support and services we could provide, and general assist this organization to continue providing the educational, scholarship, and support needed in Greater Clark County, WA.

Here you will find the updates on the Main Event and learn the most recent of information. We will update this as often as possible.


  • 2017 CD Submissions are now being accepted for Performers and Entertainment. Please send it to the Mailing Address. Thank you.

  • Saturday in the Park PRIDE Organization
  • 6400 NE Highway 99, G-338
  • Vancouver, WA 98665
  • Attn: Vancouver USA Pride Event Chairperson